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February 16th, 2010

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High Velocity Market Master

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December 9th, 2009

Hey Traders,

TODAY’S THE DAY! Today I’m releasing the High
Velocity Market Master for the last time ever this

If you want to be there to hear all about it, you’ve
got to sit in on my big HVMM Release Webinar
happening today, December 9th at 12pm Noon
Eastern. Get your login details right here:


In today’s webinar, I’ll be…

…recapping the results of my Sneak Peek into the
HVMM Live Training Rooms…

…covering the system in detail including rules set,
training, Owner’s Club and support…

…taking your requests to see how your favorite
markets perform on the HVMM…

…giving away a TON of cool giveaways and fast
mover’s bonuses to my attendees…

…and lastly, showing you how you can get your
hands on the High Velocity Market Master for the
very last time in 2009!

We’re going to have to a great time today as I
show you how to trade the High Velocity
technique (that is to say, how to get in, get out
and get done with the results you should be
seeing). So don’t you miss out! It all starts at
12pm Noon Eastern – register for your spot right


Talk to you in a few short hours,

Mark Soberman
High Velocity Market Master

P.S. I’m doing something really special this time
around so we can end this phenomenal year very
strong – I can’t tell you what it is quite yet but
be sure to swing by the Webinar today and you’ll
find out all about it!